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IDI seeks to advance actual, meaningful change through programs that give the value due to historically neglected viewpoints and perspectives, in effect turning vulnerabilities into strengths to ultimately build new, superior systems. By opening access to all, we are opening new channels of innovation, capitalism and opportunity. This is the American Dream as it was always intended to be.

Our Mission

Economic Development Initiatives

Market reach and resilience scales when we increase the number of market participants.

The IDI removes barriers to entry for innovators from all walks of life.

Work Colleagues
Mother and Son

Community Development Initiatives 

When we listen and follow the instructions of underestimated communities our potential grows exponentially beyond it's previous capacity.


The IDI fosters communication channels between industry and historically peripheral communities.

Regulatory Development Initiatives

The majority of U.S. citizens are disenfranchised from the legislative, regulatory and enforcement development processes.

The IDI engages in research and diplomacy that aligns stakeholders to bolster national security, foster innovation, and optimize consumer protections.


Your generous support makes
these initiatives possible.

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