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Community Development Initiatives

The IDI fosters relationships to maintain communication networks that connect industries and governments with the peoplethat power them. We welcome your voice. Please reach out to discuss collaboration and partnership.

The IDI measures the efficacy of our programming through the lens of the United Nations SDG.
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Coalition Partnerships

Diplomacy is at the heart of all IDI interactions. The IDI is a non partisan convening organization.


The IDI is not always aligned the policy stances or motives of our stakeholders. Even our own Distinguished Fellows are invited to provide challenge or dissent to our perspectives.


The IDI identifies common objectives and provides our support at the intersection of the IDI mission, vision, and values  to which which we calibrate all of our efforts.

Our Mission

 LGBTQIA+ Advocacy in the Decentralized Web

WebQ applies the principles of IDI to build community, produce events, and inform the design of emerging decentralized technologies and AI.

Empower IDI programs to expand
access and opportunity for more people.

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