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Economic Development Initiatives

The IDI seeks to advance measurable and meaningful change through programs that respect and honor the perspectives, innovations, and brilliance found in communities that current systems underestimate and under-resource. IDI identifies and fosters strength and resilience where legacy systems may perceive vulnerability.


By facilitating access for communities that others have historically marginalized, we are open new channels of innovation, economic potential, and opportunity. IDI provides tangible support for the American Dream as illustrated by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal Logo

The IDI measures the efficacy of our programming through the lens of the United Nations SDG.

Startup Incubation

Tour of the UNLV Blackfire Innovation Labs

The IDI messages of community and economic development are put in to practice at the UNLV Incubator with free seminars and workshops that focus on personal measures of success, the mission, vision, and values on which to build our companies, and the impacts that our companies will have when they scale their business operations.

We have leveraged our network to deliver world class experts from a broad range of lived experience. When our founders need guidance the IDI delivers help in the form of subject matter experts that span the spectrum of gender, ethnicity, and cultural heritage.

Scalable Social Impact Acceleration

UNLV Incubator Project X Logo


Project X is a no-cost program that focuses tailored support to scalable social impact ventures in both private sector and non-profit. Access to the program is inclusive of the community at large and not exclusive to UNLV students and faculty. 

Project X founders don't strive to exit; Project X founders strive to persevere.

The IDI Port of Entry Program

The IDI and Business France Event

The IDI is expanding upon our economic cultural exchange pilot-program.

The IDI partners with allied nations to assist business ventures that have reached capacity within their home markets to scale their enterprises into the United States.

Our upcoming pilot will facilitate international economic development with seminars, workshops, and co-location services. 

Help open opportunities
and making a lasting impact.

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