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What is Inclusive Design?

inclusive design
/in- 'klu-siv deˈzīn/

"The design of mainstream products and/or services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible ... without the need for special adaptation or specialized design."
-Cambridge University

The IDI promotes the study and practice of how to optimize products, programs, and environments to serve the largest possible consumer base. This serves to optimize our individual experiences and maximize our economic potential. 

Freedom and Justice
begins with Access for all.

Historically underestimated communities hold trillions of dollars of latent economic potential. Enhancing our economy's cultural insights, talent pool, and consumer base will provide unprecedented market reach and resilience.

IDI is a nonpartisan organization that convenes industry, government, and communities through a variety of programs to include research, education, and workforce development. We harness our collective resources and influence to unlock unprecedented economic opportunities.


Liberty and justice aren't just values; they are the competitive advantage.


Additional U.S. GDP that would have been recognized in 2019 if equal opportunity had been a reality

Washington Center for Equitable Growth


The financial cost of racial and ethnic inequality to the U.S. economy since 1990

World Economic Forum


Increase in per capita GDP for each additional right in the GILRHO

Williams Institute at UCLA

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IDI Logo
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"If you know better, you have to do better - even if they don't."

Doris Cole

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